stat./mobile cleaning machine SL40

SL40 - stationary-mobile washing plant

The best out of two worlds! Mobile and stationary at the same time.

This innovation provides an optimal utilization of the machine by the possibility of minimal setup time. Fixed garbage treatment plant is built on a trailer and can be easily transported from depot to depot. Interior and exterior cleaning of the garbage container in the usual quality with easy operation.

Technical details: SL40 MGB stationary-mobile-washing
Elevating mechanism:Comb and DIN lifting
Capacity:200 liters storage tank
Max. pump capacity:40l/min at 140 bar
Max. basin capacity:K/CAL 210,000 optional
Inside cleaning:hydraulic powered washing heads
Outside cleaning:adjustable nozzles
Cleaning cycle:45-110 seconds
Max. power:40 kw
  • Self-sufficient MGB cleaning by own diesel-power unit possible
  • Flexible usage site
  • ¾” water connection and ready to use right away
  • Minimum of change over times
  • Best possible outside cleaning