stat. cleaning machine S40

S40 - MGB stationary washing plant

Technical details: S 40 MGB stationary-washing
Elevating mechanism:Comb and DIN lifting
Capacity:200 liters storage tank
Max. pump capacity:40l/min at 140 bar
Max. basin capacity:K/CAL 210,000 optional
Inside cleaning:hydraulic powered washing heads
Outside cleaning:adjustable nozzles
Cleaning cycle:45-110 seconds
Max. power:40 kw
  • MGB-cleaning at the work yard
  • Closed system
  • Hot water optional
  • Capacity      ca. 40 2wheel/hr
                         ca. 20 4wheel/hr
  • ¾” water connection
  • High voltage current 400V

Cabinet for residual materials underneath the system

Open cabinet for residual materials