outside cleaning of depot containers

Mobile outside cleaning of depot containers

Technical details: Mobile outside cleaning of depot containers
 Elevating mechanism: crane, with 10m dimensioning up to 1.0t elevating load
 Filling: 2000liters fresh water
 Consumption ca. 20liters water/container
 Outside cleaning: brush - high pressure combination
 Cleaning cycle: ca. 5 minutes
 Water temperature:   cold
 Type of container: all kinds up to 3.5 cbm
  • Consistent appearance of the street, high acceptance by civilians
  • Removal of coarse dirt
  • Removal of liquid pitch
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Capacity ca. 30-80 bins per day
  • Cleaning independent of degree of filling of the containers
  • Closed system by roller blinds
  • Easy filling with freshwater by Storz C-connection
  • Used water will be collected and could be disposed over a canal, after approval

Typical soiled depot container in the street area

Severe dirt will be removed by high pressure

Result: cleaned depot container