MGB mobile washing plant L4000 - L8000

Technical details MGB mobile washing vehicle L4000 – L8000
Elevating mechanism:DIN arms and comb pick up
Filling:4000 – 8000 liters fresh or used water / depends on model
Max. pump capacity:40l/min at 140 bar
Inside cleaning:hydraulic powered washing heads
Outside cleaning:vertical adjustable nozzles by piston rod less cylinder
Water temperature:cold, optional up to 70 deg. Celsius
Type of bin:60 – 1100 liters
Chassis9-18 t
  • Closed system
  • Filling via Storz C-connection
  • Used water will be collected and ould be disposed over a canal, after approval
  • Capacity     
    ca. 40 2wheel/hr            
    ca. 20 4wheel/hr